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Yesterday a bombshell of sorts got dropped in the comics community when it was announced that Peanuts (which only exists in reruns) is leaving United Media to go with Universal. My favorite comment so far about the situation comes from Mike Peterson and was posted over on Mike Lynch's blog.

I'm reposting it here because I consider it dam near poetic:

Blogger Mike said...

And, since this means every editor at a paper carrying reruns of the strip will have to make the effort to order it from the new syndicate, this is an excellent time to drop them a letter and remind them that the word "news" in "newspaper" is supposed to have some meaning. They could always give away a book of Peanuts reprints to anyone who subscribes to the paper for a year in advance ...

For anyone who's keeping track, Peanuts still appears in over 2200 newspapers.

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  1. Wow, I hadn't heard that, and never thought that would ever happen. I wonder if it'll have much of an impact in terms of the numbers of papers that will keep running Peanuts. It'd be nice if a few new strips could pick up some of the spots.