Toonfest 2010: Disney Museum and One Fine Sunday

The Disney Museum

A car from the autopia ride that was brought from Disneyland to Marceline

A picture of the ride

The museum is the old train depot

A telegraph complete with Morse Code chart

A relative of Samuel F.B. Morse tries his hand at code (Samuel's Grandfather was my 11 greats Grandfather so I thought this was pretty cool!)

Getting the tour from Kaye Malins

A miniature for the teacup ride

Train spotting

Here comes one!!

The One Fine Sunday in The Funnies Exhibit (there's Edison)

More of the exhibit including the recent stamps issued featuring cartoon characters

The stamps: Beetle Bailey, Calvin and Hobbes, Archie, Garfield, and Dennis the Menace. (You'll notice each of the creators signed the print with the exception of one.........)

This is the second stop of this wonderful exhibit (which may never again be hung on chicken wire - I loved the airy feeling it gave the work - no lie) put together by the publisher of Stay Tooned magazine - John Read. I hope to have a complete list of the tour of this monumental show of original cartoon art at "Spot The Cartoonist".

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