Minnesota Fall Con

Mike Edholm, Stephan Pastis, John Hambrock and Tom Richmond in front of Sparky's childhood home.

Last weekend John traveled up to Minneapolis for the NCS North Central Chapter meeting and also to visit our oldest son in college at the U. The cartoonists had a table at Fall con, presented a panel discussion at MCAD and also spent some time hanging out at childhood haunts of Charles Schulz.

I understand everything was very well attended and everyone had a great time. (I know John sold a lot of Edison books and that always makes me happy :-}) And Stephan Pastis was there as a guest speaker so my son got to meet one of his icons - that's always good!

Tom Richmond has a very nice write up and more pictures over on his blog here.

Kenosha Festival of Cartooning Re-edited Radio Interview

When we recorded the interview for the festival guests we had some technical issues, one of which was an extremely long pause getting the phone portion with Scott Stantis going. Another challenge was that the archived version from the radio station (that I posted here earlier) was on a timer and half of Scott's interview was cut off completely!

Greg Berg and Tom Racine to the rescue! Greg edited the show down for me and Tom Racine graciously offered to post it over on the Tall Tale Radio podcast.

So click here for the interview in its entirety - Thank you everyone!!!!

Jonesing For My Ipad

This is the current home of my ipad.

Some of you know what this means. It means the ipad is drying out from a bender. Most specifically a trip into an aquarium.

Trust me, I didn't drop it into a tank of water just for fun. It was one of those Laurel and Hardy moments of juggling as I was gathering up my teaching materials and exiting class.

So the first thing on my list today after dropping kids off at school will be a trip to the craft store to buy large quantities of silica. From everything I've read, the rice/silica treatment is my ipad's only hope for recovery.

But the process takes a minimum of 3 days. 

Life without my ipad for 3 whole days!!

I have written elsewhere that my life has been taken over by my ipad, and I was kind of kidding. But the truth is, the second it fell into that fish tank, I started feeling withdrawl pangs.

Which have only intensified over the 14 hours since the incident.

Gonna be a long three days......

Go Buy This Book!

If you want to get your hands on one of the best books on the art of caricature available today, head over to Tom Richmond's and pick up a copy of "The MAD Art of Caricature". And if you head over to Minnesota's Fall Con this Saturday, October 15 you can meet Tom in person and get that book SIGNED - (and he might draw you a caricature too, but I'm not promising anything...)

And while you're in a book buying mood, pick up a copy of "The Edison Files: Notes From The Lab" for those Edison fans on your Christmas list. And, as with Tom, John will also be at Fallcon this Saturday selling and signing books for all the folks who read Edison in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  (Oh, and I think some guy named Stephan Pastis will be there with his latest book as well. I haven't read his stuff but I hear he's good....)