The Facebook Thing....

 Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. What to do with Facebook.

We've never posted many strips on Facebook. There are a variety of reasons, the biggest of which centers around the whole "who owns what" issue.

I wasn't the least bit surprised when Instagram woke everyone up one day with the announcement that "Voila! We now own the rights to everything you've ever posted using Instagram! Have a nice (ripped off) day!"

Since Edison is a copyrighted property with the syndicate lawyers of King Features behind it, those rights would probably supersede that of Facebook. But it still gives one pause.

Then there is the question of money. 

And, lets face it, that is an important question. When we post comics on Facebook the only one who sees any of that money is Facebook itself. We would be far wiser to have strips only available on an ad supported site.

Like, I don't know, maybe -


Somewhere like that.

But, in general, people are lazy. (Me included)

They are going to go to the place they go everyday anyway rather than a separate website. And where everyone is right now is Facebook.

So, starting this week, we are going to make a better effort to post strips on Facebook and boost Edison's visibility on social networking.

Since we are going to muck about in this direction, we would like you, the readers, to do something too.

It's a pretty simple thing.

Well, four simple things to be specific.

First, go to the Edison Facebook page and hit "like" - not on the posted strip but on the page itself. I'm shooting for 500 likes in the next 2 weeks. 1000 would be outstanding! Here is a link: Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee Facebook Page

Second, see where it says "check us out at our main page"? Right there in the "about" section? Click on that and head over to the new King website.

Third, let us know you were there - click on an ad, leave a comment on a strip, leave a comment on John's blog (which he is updating faithfully every week, I might add).

Fourth, find 5 other people and get them to do all of the above.

Let's make some noise!