A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Edison doesn't generally do many long complicated storylines - as I look back through the archives I see that there are only 2-3 of them per year.

But it seemed like a good time for another one. It's a holosphere adventure with Edison as Sherlock Holmes and Joules as Dr. Watson. John and I are both big fans of Sherlock Holmes - the books, the Robert Downey Jr. Movies, the Cumberbatch/Freeman TV Series etc.  Not sure where it will go exactly as the series is still in the process of being written :-)

It's been a lot of fun putting together the storyboards and even more fun doing the color. Picking a palette for 1890's London has made me stretch a little bit - something you'll see once the action gets past the holosphere setup.

Above are the first two strips - follow the rest here:  edisonleecomic.com

or here: comicskingdomedisonlee

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed making them!