Sir Brendan of Blog

Brendan Burford, comics editor at King Features, has started a weekly blog.

That's him in the middle surrounded by slightly alcohol addled cartooning people such as Rina Piccolo (his lovely wife) Paul Gilligan, Jenny Robb, Karyl Miller, Jeff Corriveau and yours truly.

I chose not to use his official King photo because he's a very down to earth guy and it's likely to be a very down to earth blog. I also chose not to use some of the more embarrassing photos from the Reubens were the alcohol addling has progressed a little futher :-)

Anyway - here is his blog:

Go check it out!

Kudos 8/28

These got me yesterday:

 As usual, this strip is channeling my life

 Not only is this funny, but damn that Piraro! What is he playing at putting Max Parrish quality art in his strip!

 We know a little girl eerily similar to this....

 Too true....

Again, too true....

And, while I know it's cliche to say it, once again, channeling life in our house. We no longer refer to this strip as "Zits" but as the name of our second son. John will say - so, did you read (son's name) today?

And I also wanted to add Pooch Cafe but I can't get the file. Go look at it on gocomics.

We Know These Guys!

Fellow North Central Chapter NCS buddy and world famous editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba riffs with Michael Feldman on his 8/13 Whadyaknow. (Jeff is in Part A)

We've been to Michael's show several times (once I got to throw the dart for the town of the week) and it's always a blast. Check it out.

Oh, and buy a copy of Jeff's great book "Inklings"

I wish they would also have had Jeff's great band The Prairie Cats  as a musical guest but you can't have everything. See videos of them in action here.

Reminder To Check Out Cartoonist Videos

Just a reminder that I have set up a Spot The Cartoonist Youtube channel dedicated to videos of cartoonists drawing. There are videos from Tom Richmond, Steve Brodner, Charles Schulz, Al Hirschfeld, Rick Kirkman, Richard Thompson and many more. Check it out!

And if you have a video, or know of one that should be included, send the link to

Geek Papas

If you are a parent you know that it is not enough to pass your DNA on to the next generation.

You must also pass down your values.

Your children should understand their heritage and the cultural influences that shaped you.

And, if those influences happen to be comic books and sci-fi movies - you must, I say must expose your children to the classics.

So if you geek out over which Star Trek Captain is the real Star Trek Captain and whether or not the Hobbit has the same sensibility as the Lord Of The Rings - who would win in a cage match - Green Lantern or Batman - or whether or not there should even be such a thing as a Star Wars Prequel - then I have a blog for you.

Geek Papas is the brainchild of Tall Tale Radio Podcaster Tom Racine. As a geek papa himself, he is building a community (or support group - depends on your point of view) of fellow geekdom torchbearers.

Head over and check it out: