You may recall that I posted about our dogs back in May of 09.

I am sad to report that the terrier, Lucky, had been doing quite poorly for the last year or so and today we had to have him euthanized.

It's still too emotional for me to talk about much. I will probably be writing about it Monday on my other blog, after I've had some time to calm down.

UPDATE: I have posted more in depth about Lucky over on my other blog.


  1. Deepest sympathy from me and Stacy.

  2. You poor things - losing a loved pet hurts like crazy.

    How old was he? I bet he had a great life with you guys both being around (our Jack Russell gets a lot of walks since we are both at home) and dogs are such great company.

  3. Thank you Alex, I'm so glad you are enjoying your dog and he is enjoying you.

    We still have another dog and a cat, but it doesn't really make it any easier.