Lake Effect Interview for Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

Last week I had the pleasure of heading up to the studios of WUWM 89.7 for an interview with Mitch Teich of Lake Effect. The piece ran on Monday and is archived here.

Mitch will be interviewing Hilary Price when she is here for the festival and also Stephan Pastis when he does the Milwaukee leg of his book tour. I'll post links as I get them.

Auction Art for Kenosha Festival of Cartooning NCSF Charity Auction Has Arrived!!

We now have almost all the art for the NCSF auction to benefit Children's Hospitals of Wisconsin and Margaret Ann's Place!

I cannot overstate the generosity of these cartoonists as they help us raise money for these worthy causes. As the art has arrived my emotions have run the gamut - gratitude, excitement, and awe. There are moments when I cannot believe I am looking at original art from giants in the industry. So much of my life has been spent losing myself in the world of comics and comic strips - since I was 3 - that seeing actual work by folks like Bill and Jeff Keane and Garry Trudeau is surreal to say the least. I must confess that I had Mr. Trudeau send his work to my house, rather than the museum, just so I could let it sit on my dining room table for a while. I can't afford to bid on it, so it was nice to have it in my house for 24 hours :-)

Below is the official list of work that will be offered for sale - there are a few changes from the original list so, if you are planning to come and bid, please go over the list carefully. 

Here also is a link to a photo gallery page that has some of the art - I haven't taken pictures of everything yet but will keep adding photos as I take them.

  1. Archie                                                        
  2. Baby blues                                                                                      
  3. Beetle bailey                                                                     
  4. Between Friends                                                                     
  5. Blondie                                                                                          
  6. Born Loser                                                                      
  7. Brenda Starr                                                             
  8. The Buckets                                                                              
  9. Deflocked                                      
  10. Dennis the Menace                      
  11. Doonesbury                                              
  12. Edison Lee                                                                      
  13. Family circus                                                                   
  14. For Better or For Worse                                                                        
  15. Gil                                                                                              
  16. Hagar                                                                           
  17. Hi and Lois                                    
  18. Jumble                                                                              
  19. Lio                                                                                    
  20. Lola                                                                                                           
  21. Luann                                                                                                         
  22. MAD mag                                                 
  23. Mutts                                                          
  24. The Norm                                                                                      
  25. Pearls before swine                                                                     
  26. Phil hands                                                                                   
  27. Pooch cafe                                                                                               
  28. Retail.                                                                                            
  29. Rhymes with orange.                                                     
  30. Sandra Boynton                                                             
  31. Snuffy Smith                                                                                        
  32. Soup To Nutz                                                                                        
  33. Speed bump                                                                              
  34. Zits