My Blackberry Is Not Working

John sent me this today to lighten my photoshop burden :-) Enjoy!

I Think I Got My Colors Back!

Regular readers will know that I (Anne) do all the color - Dailies and Sundays - for Edison. I have written before about how that works but, the short version is that, while I work in 256 colors, that number gets knocked down to 32 by the company that preps the strip for web and print. Primarily this is because of the low resolution needed for newspaper websites - high resolution images gobble up too much bandwidth.

This means that my work gets distorted on a daily basis. When I got my ipad, one of the first things I did was to check out an online version of Edison and see what happened to the image if it was blown up really large - the way you can zoom in with your fingers.

Of course, because the resolution was so low, the image was more terrible and fuzzy the more I zoomed in.

But, while much of what I do winds up being smaller than a dime, I have always envisioned a world in which, eventually, Edison would be available online in its full 256 color, high resolution glory. The second thing I did after I purchased my ipad, was to buy the Bizarro and Marvel Comics apps. This, while I am a fan of both comics, was primarily to check out the resolution on these apps and see if it was going to be truly different from what existed digitally already.

Both Bizarro and Marvel exceeded my wildest expectations and gave me great hope that King Features would eventually offer all their comics in this form.

Well, that day is here! I downloaded the dailyink app today and the difference is startling and well worth paying for.

The resolution has been restored and you can now really zoom in. Thank goodness I was ready for that!

The other good thing about my attention to detail all these years is that, when the full archive of Edison becomes available in this high res format online, I won't have to go in and retouch anything!

So head on over to the app store and get dailyink for your digital device today!!!!

(Great Christmas present for the comic lover in your life - hint, hint!)

Get Edison On Your iphone!!

The new dailyink iphone app is here!!!

go to and sign up now!

And be sure to include Edison on your list of comics.

(I can't get it yet, as I am iphone free :-( --- BUT I have an ipad and can't wait to see how the app works on that. Supposedly it is coming soon.)

A Big Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who braved the awful weather and ventured out to buy signed copies of "The Edison Files: Notes From The Lab"!

It was a great day. John sold lots and lots of books and I sold lots and lots of truffles!

There is still time to buy a book as a Christmas Gift - (hint, hint) visit the Edison Store to order your copy today! We need to receive your order by December 17 to be sure of delivery by Christmas.

On a separate note: for those of you that enjoyed reading about the travails of my produce drawer of death, I have a follow up (warning: graphic photos of decayed produce - may not be appropriate for more sensitive readers) posted over on the overbooked blog.

The Saga Continues...

When I left you on Friday, it was with a story about our leaking shower. 

Which is really only the tip of the iceburg.

The plumbing in our master bath, along with what it's doing to our living room ceiling are the stuff of nightmares.

To read the rest of the story click here.

My Crappy Morning

A morning that began well  - shiny little blog post about some of my favorite comics. It went downhill after that. You can read about it here.


I just realized it's been a while since I shouted out the strips that get me in the morning. Here are a few that got me to laugh out loud today:

I'd also like to take a minute to give a shout out to Rip Haywire. This strip doesn't usually make me actually laugh out loud in a gag a day kind of way because it's kind of a parody on adventure strips while  also being a for real adventure strip. And the humor - while terrific - is very subtle. This is the kind of strip that takes hold of you and you read it as much for the ongoing storyline as the jokes.