The Price Is Right

I love that Edison does a lot of riffing on game shows in general and The Price Is Right specifically. It is such a fun show and you can do so much with it. We worried when Bob Barker retired that the show might go off the air but, fortunately for Edison, "Price" is thriving with Drew Carey.

Click here for highlights from when Orville went on the show. (or buy a copy of The Edison Files to read the whole series - hey, I'm not above shamelessly plugging the book at every opportunity - we are about to send kid #2 to college!)

More Christmas Gift Ideas

Tis the season to need a new calendar. I know, I know - we all have calendars on our smart phones and ipads and stuff, but those are booooooring! And only you can see what's on them. Who doesn't still need a calendar to hang on the wall so everyone in the house can see what's going on?!

So I suggest to you to great cartoon calendars for 2012:

From Sandra Bell Lundy of Between Friends:

And KAL and The Economist:

If our other cartooning friends out there also have calendars, give me a shout so I can plug them!

Action Comics #1

Don't you just hate it when, on the Antiques Road Show, there is some item that would be worth a fortune but the person painted it or stripped it or, god forbid, just cleaned the darn thing, and it winds up being devalued by more than half?

John and I are avid fans of the Roadshow - we've watched almost every episode since it started - so this week's strips are particularly fun for us.

Note: When John wrote this strip the latest copy of the comic had not yet sold - thus, the dollar amount mentioned here was the previous record.

Musical Primaries, Anyone?

I love this strip!

It came out of a barrage of media coverage on all the jockying of the primaries by Florida and North Carolina. It struck me that it felt pretty schoolyard and I passed that sentiment on to John with the result being this strip. Not sure where all this posturing leaves us - the candidates seem to be doing a pretty good job weeding themselves out without any primaries at all but, there you are :-)