What's My ^&%$**&^ing Password?!!

This is another strip from the "Listen To Anne Bitch" files.

I understand perfectly how important security is on the internet and on all my mobile devices and stuff.

I get it. I really do.

But I am soooooooo sick of trying to keep track of all my passwords - especially since I follow that sage advice of not using one password for everything.

What really gets me are the sites I have no choice but to use - like my accounts at the college and university where I teach - that force me to change my password every 3 months but then sternly tell me not to write it down anywhere. The folks in the tech office should not be in the least surprised when I call them  constantly for help finding the damn thing.

You Did What?!!!

Some of you already know I broke my leg. If you are interested in the blow by blow, go read about it here.

Real Life Edison? We Get To Brag

People often either ask us who is the inspiration for Edison. While comic strip characters are, more often than not, personifications of facets of the comic strip creator, Edison does bear more than a passing resemblance to our oldest son.

Who just happens to be part of the robotics team in the above video. He's one of the undergraduates assisting on the aquapod and the loper and you can see him a few times. Look for the gentleman with the navy blue t-shirt and the Albert Einstein hair.

We're so proud of him!