Journey To a Book Part Three

John has put up his final installment of the process of creating the first Edison Book Collection here.

Don't forget to order your copy today!! (So we can get those boxes out of the studio and pay back the printer :-)

The World Of Rebate Crapola

This is one of my favorite Edison Strips. Because it's true.

And this Sunday, Norm Feuti (who should know) offered his very wise take on rebates.

And today, I have had my own wonderful rebate experience. Which you can read about here.

The King's Speech

John and I stole a little time away from the strip this weekend and went out to see "The King's Speech".

It's a really terrific film and I'm not a bit surprised at all the Academy Award nominations this morning. If you're interested, I have written a longer review here.

To Palin Or Not To Palin

Putting Sarah Palin into a strip is always a risky thing. But this time it became even riskier due to the recent shootings in Arizona and what I'll call "rhetoric-gate".

So it's important to note that this particular strip was written over a month ago. It was meant to refer only to the level of tension between Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton as political rivals - sort of ala the Saturday Night Live Sketch of 2 years ago and not to any actual violence that may or may not have been spurred by Palin's notorious "gun sights" map.

Risky or not - I'm sure our friend Sarah will show up in strips to come. She's too good a source of material to ignore :-)


These got me today:

And this one hit a little close to home for us yes-aholics.

Journey To A Book: Part "Deux"

John has posted his second installment of the process we went through to produce "The Edison Files: Notes From The Lab".

After he finishes this series, I will probably weigh in with some of my own remembrances :-)

Also, now that the holidays and a completely crazy travel filled Autumn are over, I am back to blogging over at Overbooked and Underpaid.

And, there are many opportunities to meet cartoonists coming up - I'm working hard to get as many of them posted as I can over on Spot The Cartoonist. In fact, I plan to have several more up by the end of the day. Cartoonists - don't forget, wherever in the world you will be speaking, attending a show opening, signing your book, or creating general mayhem in the public sphere, contact me at with your info and I'll get it posted asap!

And don't forget to buy a copy of the book! You can get it here in the Edison Store or over on the store on the Cartoonist Studio.

Journey to a Book

John has started posting about his journey to the first Edison book - you can read it over on his cartoonist studio page.