Toonfest 2010: The Arrival

We pulled onto Main Street USA Thursday evening and proceeded to the Toonfest office, from where we were then directed to the Uptown Theater. The theater was to be our main base of operations for the next 4 days. It served as the venue for all the presentations and also houses a bed and breakfast where most of the guests of honor stayed.

The Bed and Breakfast is operated by Debbie Foster and I cannot shower enough praise on this woman. She looked after all of us as if we were family and her cooking was beyond delicious. John swears he's never had better biscuits in his life. And, as if running the B&B weren't enough, she also ran all the presentations, manning the sound board and setting up all the audio visuals. Thank you so much, Debbie!

We stayed in the Disney suite which had two bedrooms, a dining room, living room, kitchen and bathroom and - bonus - a secret passage.

The ticket taker for the theater.

The concession stand (we purchase an awful lot of candy over the 4 days).

Secret passage.

Projection booth.

The projection window.

Looking through the projection window.

The Mickey room.

Master bedroom.

Dining room with goody bag (one of the goodies was wine - always give wine!)


Kitchen complete with Mickey Mouse toaster.

And Mickey a mouse paper towel rack.

Though the breakfast menu was different every day - Debbie made sure my daughter had a mickey mouse waffle each morning :-)

Kate started to call them "sticky mickey"s

Apparently, Debbie has more than one Mickey Mouse waffle mold :-)

We had a terrific stay in the Uptown and if you're ever in Marceline, you need to stay there or at least visit it.

Toonfest next installment: Main Street USA and hayrides.

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