Reuben Weekend

I'll be writing in depth about our terrific time at the Reuben Weekend later today. In the meantime, here are a few photos.

John, Tom Racine (Tall Tale Radio) Norm Feuti (Retail) and Lucas Turnbloom (Imagine This!)
Vic Lee (Pardon My Planet - Award nominee), Brendan Burford (King Features), John

Jeff Corriveau (Deflocked), Rina Piccolo (Tina's Groove, Six Chix), me, Brendan Burford, Paul Gilligan (Pooch Cafe) Karyl Miller (comedy writer), and Jenny Robb (Museum of Cartoon Art)

Michael Meehan, Kieran Meehan (Pros and Cons) Norm Feuti, David Meehan

Me and Paul Gilligan (with Norm in the background)


  1. Gah. I soooooo would have loved to have been there!

  2. Hey Alex, we missed you! I hope you can make it next year!