On The Nightstand


Which makes it impossible for me to read anything because he's laughing out loud every 10 seconds. Since becoming acquainted  with Mad's Tom Richmond, John has been rediscovering his love for Mad - a childhood favorite. If you don't have a copy of this book, you should get one ASAP.


These were some of my first reading - I don't think I understood a word of it at 6 but even so I was tremendously drawn to the art.  Mr. Feiffer also illustrated a children's book for a friend of ours (Florence Parry Heide - "Some Things Are Scary") and gave a chalk talk a few years ago in Milwaukee. Ms. Heide invited us up to the event, which featured a retrospective of Mr. Feiffer's work, as well as his most recent children's book. Ms. Heide promptly introduced John to Mr. Feiffer as an up and coming cartoonist (John was not yet syndicated) to which Mr. Feiffer replied, "I hope you know there's no money in it." or words to that effect.  These books are probably out of print, but if you can get your hands on them - library, used book store, amazon, ebay - you really should. They are groundbreaking.


  1. Sam Viviano (art director at MAD) loaned me his Jules Feiffer book when I was interning there - so you both are up the same alley!

    However, I would have to go with the guy thing and select the MAD book as the funny read

  2. Hey Nate, Welcome! Sorry not to reply to you earlier -multiple deadlines looming. Yes, the MAD book definitely has more LOL's but the Feiffer stuff still holds up remarkable well - Especially "Boom!" from Passionella