My Other Life

Well, after ages of not having a website for my harp business, I have now taken the plunge into the 21st century. You can find my new harp website here.

It is only 75 % finished in that, I don't have that blog up and running yet, and we're still tweaking some things on the contact page, but it's mostly ready for public consumption. 

One of my main goals for this site is to raise money for breast cancer research through the sale of my original recordings. I lost my very best friend in the world to this disease 2 years ago and feel very passionately about the need to stamp it out or, at the very least, improve treatment options, survival rates, and quality of life for those in the metastatic stage. My hope is to really make a difference with these donations.

Even if you don't make a donation, you can listen to the music while you're on the site, and hopefully it will add something to your day.


  1. Okay, this is wrong. See, if you were married to Tatulli, you could be channeling your inner Marx brother and writing the dialogue for Lio ...

  2. PS -- There's a harpist who shows up at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center here and simply plays in a corner for a time. People say the music helps lift them out of the "hospital" setting and eases their tension.

  3. Mike - sorry about the delay in posting your comments, John and I just got back from the Reubens. (more about that tomorrow)

    And I don't know about playing for Tatulli - he's a big karaoke fan (got to hear him sing this weekend) and I don't know if harp would fit the bill :-)