Of Pooches

Another great comic is Paul Gilligan's "Pooch Cafe".  I think our local paper picked this strip up at its launch so I've gotten to read it for a nice long time. I always consider it in my morning top 10.

These are our pooches. 

The little terrier is not the brightest bulb and has a highly overdeveloped bark instinct. John says he barks at the wind. About the only trait he has in common with Pooch Cafe's savvy Poncho character is his appearance. 

The border collie, however, is extremely smart. She will actually fake us out by pretending to be asleep until we leave a room with unattended food. In a twinkling the food will be gone and she then puts herself into the bathroom for a time-out. In fact, whenever she does something she's not supposed to, she puts herself in time-out. I have never before owned a self punishing dog. "What are ya lookin at me for - I didn't do anything!" dogs yes, but guilt ridden dogs, no.

Fortunately for her, we also have a cat, so between him and the terrier, she has two other animals to herd and harass. Apparently border collies need this. Personally, I think Pooch Cafe needs more border collies - I hope to speak to Paul about it :-)

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