Of Stars and Footprints - more Reuben weekend photos

Well, we didn't leave the hotel much, but when we did we dutifully strolled up and down Hollywood Blvd. and the walk of fame. Sad to say, the walk has seen better days - it was a shame how much of it really needs to be repaired. Still, it was fun and we saw a lot of interesting star names.

Looking toward the Kodak Theater (where they hold the Oscars)
A better view of the Kodak and surrounding streetscape.

The entry where they have the red carpet.

The famous "stars"

One of my favs. :-)

Think about it.

John in front of Grauman's Chinese.

John Wayne's footprints will always be an "I Love Lucy" episode for me.

I had to take this one at a weird angle because there were simply too many people crowding around it. Probably something to do with a little movie they released lately.

You have to check your feet next to the stars.

Another of my personal favorites.

An oldie but a goodie.

I'm so lucky to have a dad that recorded a ton of Jack Benny radio shows for me to listen to while growing up. What great comedic timing.

Gotta love the pistol and the horseshoes.

For the "Citizen Kane" fans - Marion Davies was what all the fuss was about. As part of the Hearst Entertainment family, I take a greater interest in all things Hearst than I used to.


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