Retail -Another Favorite

While, I have not worked in retail, I have done plenty of waitressing which, as a fellow service sector/minimum wage job, is pretty darn close. That may be one reason I am such a fan of Norm Feuti's strip Retail. It perfectly captures the madness that is trying to accomplish the impossible and the unreasonable every day. And for ludicrously low wages. What Dilbert is to the mindless world of cubicles, Retail is to your local big box/department store. If this strip isn't one of your daily reads, add it now! And tell every retail employee you meet to read it too!


  1. I've long said that Retail should be a no-brainer for any newspaper that honestly wants to attract the 18-34 demographic, which is the gang that grew up in malls and worked there in high school and college. It's a real testimony to the blindness of editors that this isn't in hundreds and hundreds of papers. Great strip. (I'll see Norm tomorrow in Maine!)

  2. Hey Mike, tell Norm we said Hi! We'll be seeing him next week at the Reubens and are looking forward to it.