Toonfest 2010: Last Pics - Hanging Out

This is the last batch of pics from Toonfest 2010 in Marceline MO and consists largely of random photos of the cartoonists and their families. Again, thanks so much to everyone in Marceline for making the weekend such a wonderful experience. And thank you also to all the cartoonists involved - you were all so gracious and inspiring!

Well, starting off, I may as well admit that, yes, I am the sort of bad parent who lets her 16 year old budding photographer son stand 15 feet from a speeding train (probably 60-70 mph) so that he can get a great shot.

John drawing on the street. Yes, this sort of thing goes on all over town on Toonfest weekend.

John draws Edison for "Young Walt" (Colby Sims)

Drinks at a lovely little place I've forgotten the name of - help Marceliners? Pictured are Ken Alvine and his wife Judy, Stan Goldberg and his wife Pauline, and John.

And when I say drinks, I mean DRINKS. That's Guy Gilgchrist's Margarita.

John mentors a young fan.

Marcus Hamilton and Stan Goldberg in front of the Uptown.

Just before the goodbyes - L to R: me, Stan Goldberg, Marcus Hamilton, Pauline Goldberg, and John.

Thanks again everybody! Hope to see you all again soon!

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