Howard Collection at the Criss Library in Omaha

CIf you live anywhere near Omaha, Nebraska you still have time to head over to the Criss Library on the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus and check out an amazing exhibit of original cartoon art.

Dan Howard has amassed an incredible collection of original work (of which this exhibit is only a part) by such industry legends as Milton Caniff, Walt Kelley, George Herriman, Bob Kane, Joe Shuster, and Will Eisner.

The exhibit started October 5th and will run until the 21st. You can read more about the collection and Dan Howard here.

John and I had the terrific good fortune to see the exhibit when we were in Omaha last weekend for the North Central Chapter of the NCS fall meeting and I was able to snap some pics, but they really don't do the work justice. Go see it in person if you can.

Herbert Wilder piece for the magazine Puck

Walt Kelley Sunday - amazing to see the actual weight of his line.

George McManus "Bringing Up Father" Sunday in full color

A "Krazy Kat" daily

John next to a piece Herriman did for his dentist - see the tooth?

John next to a "Krazy Kat" Sunday

Detail from the above Sunday strip

The same Sunday, shot a little better.

A "Terry And The Pirates" Sunday - note the cutting and pasting of the text.

The "missing Terry" strip - apparently this strip was lost for decades. I missed Mr. Howard's explanation of how it resurfaced.

A pop up book of "The Spirit".

An Eisner original

Another Eisner original

Original cover art for Adventure Comics

Two "Little Orphan Annie" dailies

A slightly closer view of the bottom "Annie" daily.

Original "Batman" cover art.

Original page art for a "Batman" comic book.

A personalized (you can just read it in pencil in the upper right hand corner) Bob Crane "Batman and Robin".

A more modern pencil rough of Batman.

An original oil painting for more the recent incarnation of Batman.

An original Shuster pencil drawing of Superman.

More great pencil work.

A Spiderman cover and interior art.

There are many more - go give it a look!

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  1. Awesome works of comic art. I dig this stuff. I like the spiderman skit.