Tall Tale Radio Interview - Reubens aftermath

Tom Racine of Tall Tale Radio very nicely asked us to do another interview which is now up here.

I would ask that before you listen to this interview you would take into account that we were a tad sleep deprived and also recovering from the New Jersey Revelry - the older one gets the longer the recovery process takes :-)

I say this because, as I listened to it this morning I realized that, A) I seem to have felt the need to talk very loudly this time, B) I interrupted Tom at least 3 times - maybe more and C) I blathered.

Part of this I put down to Tom's ability to put you so at ease that you feel as if you are just shooting the breeze over drinks with a friend. Which is why I sound like I'm at a bar :-)

Regardless, thank you so much, Tom for all your support of Edison - we really appreciate it.


  1. I never felt like you were interrupting, Anne! It's my job to showcase you guys, so if you wanna say it, I wanna hear it. I'll break out the border collie whip if I need it from time to time, of course...gotta keep you cartoonists in line. :) But much like your blog about meeting George Booth, it's just too cool that artists like yourself and John take the time to talk to me, so we're all just spreadin' the love.

  2. Tom,

    You're very nice to make us look (and sound) so good and we have such a great time talking to you.

    (but I did interrupt - better keep the border collie persona handy next time - baaaaah!)