Reubens on the Hudson pt 2

More pics from the weekend:

Mell Lazarus at the podium during the awards ceremony. The Big Giant Head you see on stage is some poor guy (I never found out who) who had to wear this costume (for about 2 hours) as one of the characters of Tom Gammil's "The Doozies". If you've never seen Tom's hilarious videos, check them out here.

The legendary George Booth at the podium. This is the one person I totally geeked out about meeting - more on Mr. Booth in a separate post.

Dave Blazek and Mark Parisi offer their gentle commentary on John's loss in the newspaper comic strip division.

The legendary Joe Kubert and Bill Janocha

One great thing that happens at the Reubens is that a number of people bring sketchbooks and request drawings from their fellow cartoonists. There are also some folks (myself included) who have books and things that they would just like to have signed.

Frank Pauer had the foresight to bring Brian Walker's book on the history of comics which he has now had signed by a darned good number of the cartoonists featured in it. (Sadly I did not take a photo of said book) I brought a bunch of old "Cartoonist Profiles" with me this year and had the good fortune to have an issue that featured "KAZ" - Larry Katzman. Larry was one of the presenters this year (it was a thoroughly enjoyable presentation on some of the history of the NCS) and he graciously not only signed my mag but drew a little cartoon as well.

Here is John drawing Edison for Chris Janocha, son of Bill Janocha who works on Beetle Baily.

And here he is drawing for Loose Parts' Dave Blazek. As a special bonus, Dave serenaded John with some rockin' piano music during the process :-)

The finished drawing.

Part 3 still to come.......

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