Congratulations to Tony - he made it! You can read more here.

Thanks to all of you who pledged, I 'm really looking forward to my first issue!

John and I just finished donating to a terrific project called Coffee Talk. Started by cartoonist Tony Murphy (It's All About You), it will be a newspaper composed completely of comics and will be available in coffee houses. You can read all about the project and make a donation here.

It looks as though Tony will be offering some great comics including Norm Feuti's Mr. Zimby. I love the retro look of this comic and am happy that it might be getting a chance to appear in print.

Best of luck Tony!

Everybody go donate - it's super easy, since it's through Amazon you can use a major credit card, and you can donate as little as a dollar or as much as a thousand dollars (I'm sure Tony would love you for that) and the money is only charged to your account after full funding of the project is confirmed. If he doesn't make it, there is no risk to you that you'll lose your money.

There are only 6 days left and over $2500 to go! So hurry!

UPDATE: It's going well but there are only 61 hours to go and the goal is still $2000 short - if you haven't pledged yet, please hop over there and help make it happen.

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