Edison Website Updates

We love the look of the Edison website, (I am especially fond of the bright colors and how they look on my ipad) but it has long been overdue for some updates. So watch out over the next week or two for some changes.

The first - which has just happened while I was typing this - is on the samples page which is currently called "The Edison Files". The previous crop of samples were from the first 6 months of the strip and were incredibly outdated.

Putting new samples up has been a goal for over a year but between one thing (we are incapable of making any changes to our own site and must count on other people to do it) and another (we only this week finally got around to actually picking out new ones) it just didn't get done.

I want to take a minute and address that first issue. John and I are programming and code idiots. And our brains are middle aged (and stretched too thin) - which means it doesn't look as though programming is a skill set we are going to master any time soon. So we have had to depend on the programming skills of others. Until now those other people have either been A) Too busy, B) Unable to handle the code either - this from someone who actually makes their living setting up websites - go figure - or C) Expensive. And this brings me to something I never see addressed in the whole print vs. web debate that springs up over on The Daily Cartoonist.

I never see anyone talking about how much you need to know about programming and the internet to get a successful webcomic going. You need to know a lot. And you often need a lot of time to learn it all. And if you are already working another job while you try to get your comic off the ground, that time is really hard to come by. And if you are not twenty something and get all this stuff intuitively, you are going to not only need to find time, but money for a class. Or else you need to pay someone else to do everything for you. Which is going to be tough if you're just starting out and have no start up capital.

So what we finally did was get our 19 year old genius son to do it :-)

So enjoy the new samples - the dailies are now in full color in addition to the Sundays.

I'll update other changes as they happen.

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