Help For The Homeless

You may remember that a while back I posted about the needs of our local food pantry. In our town, we have no permanent structure to give relief from the elements to our homeless population. For the months of the year that it is brutally cold we have a series of churches that volunteer their time and space for the shelter of the homeless but it is one of the missions of our food pantry that a permanent shelter be built and staffed. 

Partially to this end - and also to continue to serve the other day to day needs of the hungry - The Shalom Center held one of their biggest fundraisers this past Saturday. Called "Artists for Shalom" the event gathered over 50 works of art from artists and collectors in the area for auction. I do not have the total amount raised by the event, but I am happy to report that the framed Edison Lee original sold for $850. John and I are so pleased that we were able to support the center with this gift. 

I know times are hard and coming up with extra money is challenging, but if you have any similar events in your area, please consider donating your time or talents. You might be surprised how much it can help.

BTW, the above is the strip that was donated - although, as it was an original, it was in black and white.

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