NCS Division Awards

Too stunned to blog.


  1. Congratulations! I lost your email, so apologies for this backdoor message.

  2. Many many congratulations to the both of you!!!!! Stunning work!!

  3. On behalf of John - who is on deadline today :-) - thank you both for your kind comments.

    I think we're both still in shock. Perhaps we will snap out of it and be able to blog about it next week.

    Congratulations to Richard for the nomination for the Reuben!

    And, Benita, we're looking forward to your presentation at the Reuben weekend on Sunday!

    Everyone go read Six Chix and Cul de Sac!

  4. Congratulations to you and John. We met at Cathy Guisewite's house last year. Ask John-he'll remind you. Good Luck in Joisey, tell John to be prepared despite how "Underdog-ish" his modesty allows. I fell into that trap and wished I had written something out. Again- congrats and Good Luck!

  5. Dave,

    Yes I remember you! Although I still sometimes struggle to wrap my head around the fact that I was at the home of Cathy Guisewite :-)

    Thanks so much for the congrats and the advice - I guess he better come up with something - just in case.