Comic Strip of the Day

Mike Peterson has started a new site - Comic Strip of the Day.

It is a site like the striptoonist that features daily commentary about comic strips in a positive way. I started linking to it down in the blogroll a couple of weeks ago and meant to make a post about it then but it got lost in the shuffle.

I am so happy to see more sites like this popping up. I know the internet is full of sites like the comics curmudgeon that like to make fun of comic strips and I completely get why they exist. Especially when it comes to poking fun at strips that have been around a really long time. My cousin and I used to make a weekly date to sit down with potato chips and ice cream and watch the old Star Trek series, all the while making fun of how many times William Shatner took his shirt off, slept with an alien woman, violated the prime directive by completely destroying whatever computerized god/thing was running the planet so the natives could discover the joy of looking after themselves for a change, etc. (Can you tell one of my favorite movies is Galaxy Quest?)

So I get the snark thing.

But comics and most types of entertainment are really struggling right now as the entire media paradigm shifts and it is really nice to see a couple of sites come up that praise the work.

One of the features of Mike's site that I particularly like is that he gives a good in depth description of the comic feature as a whole rather than just the strip he picks for the day. He also makes it easy for you to find more of the strips by posting links to subscription services and book collections. And he has a place for comments so you can give your own feedback.

Mike has quite a background in the newspaper business and used to work as an editor which also gives a nice level of credibility to his choices. Plus he presents a broad spectrum of comic humor by including web comics and editorial cartoons as well.

And, it just so happens, today he is featuring Edison.

Thanks, Mike, so much for the shout out, and I'm sorry it took this long for me to send people to you. Your site has become one of my daily favorites and I hope it's around for a good long time :-)

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