Comics Kingdom Outage and the Nonfunctioning Widget

You may have noticed that the area for the widget with the daily strip on comics kingdom is not working. I could post the strips here every day but instead I suggest you go to the right hand sidebar where it says "Other Places to Read Edison". Each of the newspapers listed under that heading is actually a link to comics kingdom in that paper. Even though the widget is down, these links are working fine. 

By reading Edison through comics kingdom rather than here on the blog, John will actually make something like one thousandth of a penny for each time you click on the link. With son #1 in college and son#2 having just gotten braces, we need every one thousandth of a penny we can get :-)


  1. I clicked the link twice just give you an extra
    bit of cash.

  2. Thanks!

    We'll get there - one fraction of a penny at a time :-)