Tall Tale Radio Interview

Recently John and I had the great privilege of being interviewed by Tom Racine of Tall Tale Radio. You can hear the interview here. If you have never listened to Tom's podcasts, you are really missing something special. Not only does he have a great set of pipes for radio, (i.e. one of the best voices out there) he is a truly talented interviewer. He obviously loves cartooning and knows the business well. He does his research and asks great questions as well as putting you at ease right away. If there is a down side to his approach it would be that you are so comfortable talking to him you might forget it's going to be public and make an idiot of yourself. (Which I sincerely hope I didn't do - I don't have the nerve to listen to it yet). In a recent interview with Stephan Pastis of  Pearls Before Swine, an interview that was planned to last 20 minutes ran for over 70. Stephan later blogged about this in his post "For Some Reason I Wouldn't Stop Talking". See, it's not really Stephan's fault, Tom just has that effect on you :-)

So thank you so much Tom for the great interview and for being a fan of Edison. While we loved the In-n-Out Burgers we had with you, we are looking forward to taking you to our local drive-in burger joint where the burgers are roughly the size of your head. (We're talking midwestern beef here.) So let us know when you'll be out this way. And for those of you discovering this blog for the first time via Tall Tale, welcome to Behind the Scenes. You'll want to check out the archives for pictures of our time at the Reubens and some other "inside comics" stuff. 

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