Great Summer Movie and Another of John's Talents

I get to brag about my talented husband yet again and also plug a movie. Last night some girlfriends and I went to see Julie and Julia, the movie about Julie Powell and Julia Child. What a great film! Several reviews and programs I have encountered have made the point that they though there was too much "Julie" and not enough "Julia". I have to disagree. While I love Meryl Streep as much as the next person, and her presentation of Julia Child was superb, I was equally interested in the Julie Powell story and thought Amy Adams was terrific. As I understand it the film was not meant to be a bio-pic of Julia Child as much as a depiction of Julie Powell's idea of Julia Child and what that version of J.C. meant to her life. As such, the J.C. bits were largely there to illustrate the aspects of her life that were accessible to Julie. GO SEE IT!

So now the bragging. We actually own Julia Child's wonderful "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and, while I make crepes and boef bourguignon from it, John is really the one who does the majority of the gourmet cooking around here. I think probably his favorite J.C. recipe is the French Onion Soup. He makes it a lot. Real food is very important to us and we have worked very hard to have regular family dinner at least 5 nights out of 7. John is the driving force behind this and, subsequently does a lot more of the cooking than I do. Although, I have noticed that he cooks a lot more when he has several graphics jobs going on - I suspect  it's his way of playing hooky from work :-) 


  1. Beouf bourguignon? Ah, you tempt the half french side of of my favorites. And french onion soup? Tres bon! I'll bring the wine and after dinner scotch!

  2. Let us know when you're coming, we'll have a festival of food - Boeuf Bourguignon, French onion soup, bacon spinach salad, giant midwestern hamburgers... we'll feed you up good!