Goofy Posting

Well, I'm learning things about blogger all the time. It appears that, if you start a post in July and don't finish and publish it until August, when you finally do publish it, it appears in the chronological position in which you first started it -  i.e. July.Of course there is probably some way to fix this but I have neither the time nor the brain space. To see the post about our garden either scroll down the page or click here.


  1. Should you want to do this differently next time, it's easy. Under the box where you type your text is a link that says "Post Options." Click that link and it'll open a window that has a few option, including one where you can change the date & time. Sometimes it's helpful.

  2. Peg,

    Thanks for the info - it was great to meet you as I was bopping around NY and I shall consider you my guru for "all things blog" :-)