In the water

Well, it took a lot of work and there's still plenty of work for next year but, after nearly two years in drydock, the boat is back in the water. Now John can sit back and enjoy some free time. Ha - I almost believed that :-)

One of my favorite things about this boat is that it is 40 years old - think of it as restoring a 69 classic car. Anyway here are some pics of the finished product.

The cockpit with some of the new and/or restored wood.

Most of the wood used to look like this (this is on our neighbor's boat)

The new compass - we can navigate again! Also, more restored wood.

Restored and repainted hatch cover.

More restored woodwork in the cabin along with the new cushion covers.

Cabin interior with new cushion covers - my grandmother's featherweight sewing machine really came through.

Under sail.

Not too windy a day, but I had to put my lifejacket back on after this shot-don't mess with the coast guard on the Great Lakes :-)

Some of the "teeny" boats we share the marina with. Not enough papers for that yet :-)

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