Who Knew?

One of the things we want to change on the main web site is to update the samples. As I was trolling through the past 3 & 1/2 years worth of material, I encountered this strip from Feb. of 2008. When we wrote this one I know we knew Chrysler was in trouble but who could have predicted the way things would play out.

Update:  This from my morning paper via the associated press:

"Just a week after the White House scolded Chrysler for relying too much on gas guzzlers, the company is heading to a marquee auto show Wednesday to unveil a new SUV. Chrysler insists the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which clocks in at 20 mpg in its two wheel drive version, and 19 in four-wheel drive, is a crowd favorite and a crucial part of its line-up. Said Chrysler spokesman Rick Deneau, "This is a very important vehicle for us. It's one of the primary legs of the Chrysler stool.""

Just for the record, John and I live in a Chrysler factory town and are not hoping for the company's demise - our hope was that they would get it together and remain viable.

Well, we'll see.

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