These Were So Much Fun!!

Earlier I mentioned how challenging it was to color St. Basil's Cathedral - well these were easier and they were a whole lot of fun! Fans of the strip may have noticed John has done several "Price Is Right" strips including the two week series I'm posting excerpts from here. That would be because, working out of the house for many years, I have watched a lot of "Price Is Right". I have to admit that, growing up I was kind of a game show junkie and one of the things I love about this show is how it feels just the same and is as much fun as I remember from my childhood. 

The big difference between this series and other strips we've done about the show was that previous strips just showed dialogue emanating from the TV. This time John decided to really get into it and show the sets and the action. As with St. Basil's it meant accuracy in the drawing and coloring would be very important. I was pleased to stumble upon a forum for game show fans who really appreciated the attention we paid to details - thanks guys!

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