Earth Day

Edison is proud to be one of 37 King Features comics to participate in Earth Day today by doing environmentally friendly strips. Earth Day strips are pretty easy for John because we have been practicing environmentalists for over 20 years and that theme shows up in the strips more often than not. But I would like to add a thought beyond just today and these strips. The media has been full of little Earth Day tips today of the "you can make a difference just by changing your lightbulbs and buying products made out of recycled materials" variety. I think that is a great place to start and Edison has offered such tips as well in the past, but it is probably time to move beyond strategies for simply coping with the environmentally unfriendly products we've already produced. These strategies cannot be effective if we don't change the production of all these plastics, pesticides, industrial chemicals, etc. We need to push for companies to be more environmentally responsible in the first place with better "take-back" policies and less chemically intense production practices. Whether you believe in consumer boycotts of companies that don't tow the environmental line, consumer support of environmentally responsible companies, or government regulation, please take a little time to think beyond just this one day and see what can be accomplished  if we work together. A cleaner, more sustainable planet is possible  and can only be good for everyone.

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