How Cool Are these?

Our family loves to visit Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. Along with their great roller coasters and other rides, they have a whole frontier village and also a museum. One of the coolest exhibits in the museum is this coin operated Comics dispenser from the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago. For twenty five cents you could purchase your choice of comic and take it home to color. (With John being syndicated by King Features, I tend to notice memorabilia from the King company's past a little more than I used to.) From the copyright date it looks as though this kiosk was in service in 1949 but there is no other information on how many of these were made or how many years they were in service. If anyone has more information on these machines I'd love to hear it.


  1. That's pretty cool...our family has been to Cedar Point twice...but never even knew there was a museum! Would have liked to have seen that.

  2. It's really tiny and mostly centers around the history of the park but it really is a cool place!