Who is Edison?

John often gets asked if any of our children are the inspiration for Edison. This question has a pretty complicated answer actually. Edison is, in many ways, an alter ego of John's as are all his characters. I think this tends to be true for most cartoonists. Also, all of our children have some "Edisony" traits.

Having said that, our oldest son does have a fair number of things in common with Edison and for those who scornfully comment that "ten year old kids don't talk or act like that", I have to respectfully disagree. (I have also heard from many folks who swear we're writing about their kid.)

In that vein, our son has graciously agreed to let me share with you what John came into the kitchen to find this morning - son #1 reading this morning's Foxtrot strip and doing all the equations to solve the cipher :-)

It felt like a pretty "Edisony" moment.

The strip is linked here.

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