The Striptoonist Calling it Quits

It was with sadness this morning that I read the following:


With regret I am putting an end to this blog. I hope you have enjoyed my choices over the last few months even if you probably haven't always agreed with them.

I really enjoyed the striptoonist site. In an age where every Tom Dick and Harry seems to have a snarky arsenal of opinions on the comics - it was refreshing to see a site dedicated to praise. I have checked it every day since last August, when it first popped onto my radar (courtesy of Piers Baker), and always got a good laugh from the featured comic.

I also liked that it exposed me to many fine comics that are not carried in my local paper or on dailyink. I have to confess here that there are many many worthy comic strips that I don't read daily because I have never taken the time to set up accounts with gocomics or

It was very flattering to have Edison selected a few times, but it went beyond that.

So, to the striptoonist - whoever you are - you will be missed.

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