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I've started a new blog: Overbooked and Underpaid: Notes from a yes-aholic

This blog was inspired by two things: 1) some comments from the estimable Tom Racine during one of our interviews - I think it went something like "Good god, woman! How do you find time to do all this stuff?!" and 2) last year I started writing a column for our local newspaper.

I've flirted from time to time with random non-Edison writing here and felt that I needed a better place for such spouting off. And, with all the different directions John and I find ourselves pulled in, we definitely feel overbooked and underpaid. I'm pretty sure an awful lot of folks out there feel the same way so, if you're looking for some entertaining reading about my daily inability to stick to my schedule - or if you want to share your own stories of being overbooked and underpaid - head on over and check it out.

Just don't expect any cookies.

I'm too busy.

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