It's been a while since I gave any shout outs to strips that have particularly tickled me. Today I have three - although this first one is cheating because it's not a strip but an image from a strip. Sandra has put a sneak peak of on of her future strips up and the drawing just knocked me out. The way Susan's boobs are drawn and the crazy swirl in her eye make this one of the most appealing and truthful comic depictions of over taxed womanhood I've ever seen.

And this Between Friends strip not only got me to laugh out loud, I immediately could remember being in this position while eating out only yesterday. While we never say it out loud as succinctly as Susan, we all do this. I always think whenever a comic can get you to see a truth, and laugh at the same time, that is a true grand slam.

And then we have this Pros and Cons from Keirhan Meehan that just made me laugh. In looking back at my favorite Meehan strips, I find that I seem to be drawn most to the ones that reference fee relationships between a professional and his clientele. I wonder what a therapist would do with that :-)

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