One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages

(The Edison Lee for One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages)

John Read, editor and publisher of the always excellent "Stay Tooned" Magazine, has taken on another project. (As if he didn't already have enough to do!) He is calling it "One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages". 

A couple of months ago Mr. Read took on the Herculean task of approaching over 100 of the syndicated cartoonists working today to ask them to contribute a Sunday strip for a traveling exhibit. His idea was to have all the contributing comics be from a single Sunday - in this case today, April 11, 2010. His plan was to have the original artwork (which is almost always in black and white) and then a color representation for each strip and then turn all this art into a traveling exhibition. 

Personally, I can't wait to see this exhibition myself as comic artists produce their original art in such a large number of ways with so many different papers, brushes, digital files, etc. and I'm curious to see who does what. John's Edison Sundays are about 8x24 and I know there are artists who work larger and artists who work smaller.

Anyway, you can read more about the project here and here along with lists of contributors.
Be sure to read the comments as well as there are some more explanations from John Read there.

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