The ipad - I want one even more now! (Updated)

Check out this post by Tom Richmond which addresses the ipad and Marvel Comics. I want one of these so bad. I am doing everything I can to hold out til the second or third version because I know it will have so many bells and whistles the first one doesn't. I am hoping someone at the Reubens will have one so I can ogle it :-)

And, again, I agree with Tom that this device is going to change the publishing world - hopefully for the better. To those who are hung up on the idea of having the ipad take the place of a laptop, I think Tom explains very clearly why the ipad is more like an ipod than a pc. Can you imagine having to maintain a wifi connection to listen to all your favorite tunes and podcasts while you are jogging or otherwise out and about?


I am also adding this link to the Charlie Rose show and their run down of the ipad.

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