Jazz Harp Videos - UPDATED

Well, I have finally gotten my act together and uploaded some videos from my February jazz concert to Youtube. 

Unfortunately, of the 7 I have uploaded, only 2 are showing up - not sure what that's about, my son says youtube's been weird and buggy lately.

I've posted another one on my blog here but, while the audio is fine, the video is pretty low res. I think it's time to call in the teenage son tech squad - watch this space for updates.

Speaking of updates:

UPDATE: Well, a couple more have made it through. So far on youtube we have: Vinnie Goes To Washington, Buddy Blues, Ripples, Bossa Nova Casanova, and Fuschia Blues.

A couple of "liner notes" as it were - Buddy Blues is named for a baseline I snitched from Buddy Guy years ago. Along with a little "turn-around" I bought from reputed jazz harpist Park Stickney. Thanks again, Park :-)

Vinnie Goes To Washington is an actual chapter title for a terrifically unscholarly biography of turn of the century, American female sculptor Vinne Ream Hoxie.

The genesis of Bossa Nova Casanova is pretty fully explained in the video.

I should have a couple more before the week is out - fingers crossed.

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