My Fridays

For comic strip creators who happen to be syndicated with King Features, Fridays are deadline day. This means that each Friday six daily strips and one Sunday strip need to be submitted to the media company for processing before they can be used by newspapers. In some cases, only black and white files are sent for the dailies and then the color is added by a third party. In others, the color is added first by the artist (or one of the artist's peons - read, wife).

So, as strips are usually  coming down the pipe to me between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning (and sometimes afternoon - I'm waiting for the last one now), I generally spend Fridays on the computer trying desperately to find something interesting to listen to on TV while I work.

So I got to wondering how many of us are there in this little Friday photoshopping/file separating/emailing club. I can imagine us all sitting in our respective universes doing the same thing at the same time. Sort of a globally spread out office of comic producing cubicles.

Of course, I may be in a club of one, with all the other artists blissfully ahead of deadline having already submitted all their strips by 8:00 a.m. Friday.

But I doubt it :-)


  1. Ha, nevermind this answered my question on the colors. Really like the color choicess in the strip. Makes the panels leap off the pages. Nice.

  2. Thanks! I work pretty hard at giving Edison a unique look colorwise. It's nice to know it gets noticed :-)