Comic Kudos: Andertoons Mark Anderson

Another cartoonist that never fails to get a laugh from me (and I do mean NEVER fails) is gag cartoonist Mark Anderson of Andertoons. I've been reading Mark's stuff for years and his ability to make yet another cartoon about charts and graphs never ceases to amaze me. But he doesn't just do business room humor, as seen in the animal strips here. Just general all-around funny stuff.

I also love the old style look of minimal line with judicious use of washes.

As with many cartoonists Mark didn't set out to make a living from cartoons - hear all about his cartooning journey over at his interview with Tom Racine on Tall Tale Radio. He's not just funny on paper! (We have another thing in common - a love of Legos - between us we probably have an entire house full of Legos!)

And go subscribe to him on Gocomics so you can read his work every day!!

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  1. Oh goodness, I'm blushing... Thanks so much for the kind words!