Behind The Scenes: Anne's Favorite Edison Strips From 2013

Recently I was looking through the Edison strips from the past year and decided I'd like to go back and post some of my favorites.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the strips that made me laugh every time I looked at them along with some of the stories from behind the scenes:

This strip was written after last year's Reuben Award Weekend in Pittsburgh.

The weather was especially hairy on Memorial Day Weekend of 2013 and pretty much every cartoonist who flew to Pittsburgh had an airplane or airport horror story to share. Alex Hallet of Arctic Circle said she actually spent more time getting from NY to Pittsburgh - huge amounts of time on the tarmac included - than it took her to cross the Atlantic Ocean!

And I have a personal hatred of flying that I once wrote about here.

Add to all the bad airport stories our love of Legos and you get a comic strip!

This one we wrote while walking the dogs. We had just watched Young Frankenstein and John knew he wanted to do a strip sort of paying homage to the film - complete with black and white cinema style - but he didn't have a topic. By the end of the walk the dogs were worn out but we had this strip.

I don't know where John got the idea for this one but it makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it...

This is one of those strips set in the lab that I love to color. Especially when John does the weird shapes in the background. It's an example of a strip that I never quite remember what it's about when I'm not looking at it but the words "Mmm, Mmm! Them possum muffins sure do smell good, granny!" are burned into my brain. Our daughter quotes this strip whenever anyone mentions the Beverly Hillbillies.

Orville is a great subject for strips involving sight gags and cluelessness....

This may very well be my favorite Edison strip of all time - it perfectly encapsulates the relationship between Edison and his Mom as well as his relationship with his cousin Harley. All in just two words and a clear visual.

This is my favorite kind of political strip. It sums up the population's general dissatisfaction with our elected officials without pinpointing a specific target.

More of my favorites next week....

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