The Dangers of Crossover Comics: Edison Lee Meets Pearls Before Swine

The ^&#% is hitting the fan. It's a tiny amount of ^&#% but it's hitting the fan anyway.

We probably asked for it and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Well, we could blame our 22 year old son who chirped brightly one day "Hey, you should put Rat from Pearls into the strip for a cameo!"

We started brainstorming - how would Rat show up, what would he say, what scenario would lure him into Edison in the first place - stuff like that. And, Rat being Rat, it was pretty obvious from the first that  swear words would be involved. Cartoon swear words of course, but to some newspaper editors even cartoon swearing makes them nervous. We knew it might raise some eyebrows but hoped it wouldn't go beyond that.

We went for it.

And came up with todays strip - which, if you've been reading all week, you'll know is a fairly logical culmination of a storyline in which Joules the Lab Rat tires of being Edison's unpaid intern and general dogsbody.

And the strip did indeed raise some eyebrows. And a little more. And, for the first time in the history of the Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee, John had to provide a replacement strip without the cartoon swearing.

I wish we could say we're ashamed of ourselves. But we're not. It's Stephan's fault.

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  1. SERIOUSLY? People actually complained over THIS? That kind of swearing has been a comic-strip staple for years! People can be &^%(*$!! Stupid!!