Yay For Gil!!

We've had a secret. And it's been really, really, really hard to keep because we were so excited about it. But now we can come out and publicly congratulate Norm Feuti on the launch of his second comic strip "Gil".

Gil began a few years back as a webcomic and it was clear to both me and John that it was something special. When Norm put out a book collection of Gil comics, we were in line for a copy right away.

Then Norm pulled the plug on it and it looked as though that book would turn into a collector's item/trivia question answer. And we were sad. And aggravated. Because we thought Gil had a terrific quality to it and we wanted to see more of it.

Each time we saw Norm at comics related gatherings we would push and push him "When are you going to bring back Gil!?". Until he got so frustrated with us that he did a drawing for John that showed Gil being landed on by the ubiquitous comic device, the 2000 pound weight.

"There! - He's dead! Leave me alone!" said our buddy Norm.

But you just can't keep a good character down and King Features must think so too because they are launching Gil into syndication this year.

Click here to read the Gil development blog by Norm and King Features Editor Brendan Burford and here to hear them discuss Gil with podcaster Tom Racine.

Yay for Norm and for Gil!

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  1. Gil is my favorite webcomic ever!! I can't wait to read it.. oh, I am so excited to read it!