Radio Interview and Catching Up

We have wrapped the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning (notice I did NOT say "first annual" ahem....) and the radio interview with the artists that was broadcast live Thursday September 15 is now archived and available for your listening pleasure.

It was a great festival - I'm getting an awful lot of pressure to do another one - but now there is hell to pay for all the cartoonists involved as we struggle to catch back up to deadline. There are really no vacations in cartooning land - the deadlines continue to loom and most cartoonists struggle to work ahead (except Paul Gilligan who said he was plenty ahead and could take the time - we are in awe of him and curse him for his togetherness as we are very, very jealous) so full blogging about the festival will have to wait. I have strips to color that were due last Friday, bills to pay that were due September 1st and "thank you" notes to write that can never be written soon enough. Oh, and all those Spot the Cartoonist spots I couldn't get to for the last two weeks. And my regular column for the local newspaper. And relearning my kids names.....

You get the idea.

So enjoy the interview and I'll give you all the behind the scenes festival details as soon as I am able.

BTW - you have to fast forward past the opening music. There is so much of it because we were taking so long to get all the artists settled.

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